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Maximignon's Profile Picture
Simon Turner
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
South Africa
No Requests by SweetDuke Trades - Closed by SweetDuke Point Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke Kiribans - Open by SweetDuke

NOTE: I am not as active on my DA page anymore ;w; All of my future work will be uploaded to the websites listed below.

To sum myself up briefly, vore is my primary kink, and is basically an extension of a naturally submissive side of me :heart:
I don't prefer digestion, scat or gore, but depending on how it's depicted, I can enjoy it too :) Usually I'd prefer it implied rather than vividly depicted.

As for the various types of vore, I've found I can really enjoy pretty much all of them :P So expect to see most major genres in my galleries as time goes on!

You can check me out on the following sites too: - My Eka's… - My FA… - My Pixiv - My Patreon - My Picarto Channel
(You can reach me the quickest over on my Eka's Portal or Patreon account, since I don't browse FA or Pixiv as regularly :dummy:)

Locations of Site Visitors

(The following things were removed with one of DA's older updates, but I though I'd keep them anyway)
Favourite genre of music: Anything that sounds good, really!
Favourite style of art: Anime/manga oriented
Operating System: Windows 7
Favourite cartoon character: Astaroth (from Shinrabansho)
Personal Quote: Stop the Violence! Increase the Peace!


Hypnotic Predation
Any pred with some kind of hypnotic ability is to be both feared and respected. Any prey (un)fortunate enough to be entranced to such a pred's charms, is as good as done for.
Even if they are somehow momentarily rescued from the pred's clutches, they are still a slave to their trance, and will actively seek out their predator's warm, comfortable belly, no matter what. The pred isn't ever going to rescind their spell. Why would they? ... One way or another, hypnotized prey gets eaten <3

In this scene, Malyna's Mal has fallen victim to a Wyrm Dragon's hypnotic gaze, however it's unclear whether she submitted to its charm willingly or accidentally. Either way, she's perfectly willing now~

As a result, Mal's become enamored with the dragon's gaze, and its dripping maw. It calmly removes her clothes has it sinks its mental spell ever deeper into her all-too malleable mind.

... get it? MALleable? e//w//e

Humans make exquisite meals on account of their smooth, supple bodies, which feature no defensive protrusions or hardened exoskeletons. Given the time to remove their prey's clothes or armor, there's no reason for a pred to pass up a slick, comfortable gulp <3

As soon as she's completely naked, Mal will be slurped up and strained along the dragon's long body, straight to its snug stomach. Poor Mal will be reduced to nothing more than a bulge, at least for a little while~...

----- ~ ♥ ~ -----

Nyaha! This was drawn for Malyna in one of my Patreon livestreams c:
I juggled with the shading on this one a bit, trying to decide whether a blue or red tint would suit it better (examples of this tinted shading in my previous drawings). However, given that I had both blue and red coloring on some elements, I decided a neutral grey shading balanced things out best!

What do you think? Hope you like it! ^o^/

Mal © Malyna
Art © Me :3
Three-Course Feast
What could be better than having a Poké-Girl for dinner, all to your self? ...Having three!
This is why Maria, our favourite, sadistic Lopunny chef, is so busy in her kitchen now. She happened to have three Eeveelution girls in her larder, so why not treat herself? <3

Maria's cooking three Poké-Girls: An Umbreon that's busy bubbling and boiling in a pot, a busty Vaporeon frying in a heavy-duty pan, and finally, a stuffed and steamed Leafeon atop a veggie platter. This makes for a delicious soup, salad and entrée all in one sitting!

Maria makes the first carve into her Leafeon, while her soup and entrée beg and whine for mercy. Their suffering is of no consequence, of course. It only helps set the mood for her relaxing evening~...

Could such a sleek, yet voluptuous Lopunny finish such a massive feast all on her own? Would be a shame to have to keep left-overs. It always tastes better fresh from the stove. Either she's gonna have to bear with a satisfyingly HUGE stomach bulge, or she'll have to invite someone to help her finish this meal.

On the other hand, it seems weird that the Leafeon is fully prepped and ready to eat, yet her friends are just starting to cook... does Maria perhaps have company over already? Did her company use illusion, or otherwise distract the last two Poké-Girls, while their friend was stuffed and steamed, whole and alive? ...We might find out soon <3

Either way, that much meat might still be too much to handle... would you dare volunteer to help Maria out a bit~? >;Dc

----- ~ ♥ ~ -----

This cruel, yet scrumptious drawing was made for SeraphimKitsune, featuring her OC Maria the Lopunny =3 I rather enjoy a sadistic/masochistic twist to a scene, and cooking vore accommodates that dynamic oh-so very well o//w//o;

Despite not using any references for the characters' poses, I'm really pleased with the way the angle and proportions ended up! I only wish I could have used a pose reference for the Vaporeon in the frying pan, since she doesn't look quite right to me, but in all I'm very happy with this one ^ - ^

Hope you like it, and do let me know what you think! Most preds seem to like their meals raw, whole and alive, but how do you, as either pred or prey, feel about cooking before ingestion~? And which kind of Poké-Girl or Boy would be your ideal meal? ;P

Maria © SeraphimKitsune
Art © Me!
(In)Finite Digestion
Heheeee, I had been meaning to do some fan-art of Echidna Wars, so a big thanks to Elle for giving me an excuse to finally indulge! <3 I love the hell out of this game. If you're a fan of vore at all, chances are you'll enjoy it as much as I do.

Since the source material was pixel-art, it was tough trying to determine what some of the finer details would actually look like at a higher resolution. As such, I took my best guess with Ouroboros' tail patterns, and her tail-maw's "teeth".

Do let me know what you think! =^ - ^= Have you played Echidna Wars already? If so, who's your favourite playable character? Any enemies you particularly like getting vored by (bosses, as well as regular critters)?

Oh, and have you also discovered the two secret areas in the hive level...? >;Dc

Ouroboros © D-Gate
Elle © Elle Adeline
Art © Maximignon
Angler Plant
This is a Patreon drawing for Uri :D Sadly I couldn't get this done in time for actual Easter >w<; It's my fault though, I end up obsessing over tiny details way too much. But I really hope you like it, as I most certainly had fun making it \^o^/ Tentacles and slime take longer to draw, but it's oh-so worth it 0w0
I also tried thinner linework, and I like the kind of aesthetic it can provide. Leaves more room for detail, but that probably didn't help my agonizing over small details >w> I'll keep this in mind for the future though...!

Side-note: These characters were made up on the spot, and don't intentionally resemble any existing ones c:
Marc's Misadventure
Claire, the large tentacled naga-girl, is friends with a certain sadistic succubus, Mishka (not pictured in this scene).
While Claire herself is really kind-hearted in general, she can easily be persuaded to try new ways of eating, even if they aren't exactly kind to her prey. As you might expect, Mishka's most recent lesson in vore involved spit-roasting <3

Marc is a dainty male human, who radiates concentrated cute ^ , ^ One Easter weekend, he decided to take part in an egg-hunt with some friends. Little did he know, that while out searching in the local park's woodland, Claire was organising herself the same thing. She lives in the pond of such a park, and her eggs ended up intermingled with Marc's. After a while of searching, he inevitably blundered right into Claire! She was in the middle of a nap at the time... and no pred ever enjoys being woken up from one.

This was the perfect excuse to try out this new way of eating! She made sure to restrain Marc while she made the preparations.

First a place for the fire, then two sturdy sticks to hold the skewer. Then, using a straight, smoothed and carefully sharpened stick, Claire gently but painfully forced it through poor Marc's little body.
Claire slid it down Marc's throat, and simply kept pushing until it emerged out his delicate tush. A clean and tidy impaling, just like Mishka taught her! :D

Once the fire was lit, the final result of all this is what you see here~

Marc may complain and plead, but it won't do him any good. He'll make for a fantastic roast. Claire is used to eating her prey raw, whole and alive. She's looking forward to enjoying a cooked meal all of her own for a change!

Hang in there, Marc...! e//w//e;

----- ~ ♥ ~ -----

The second drawing for my Easter Stream Raffle, won by Marc Dioceco.
It features his persona at the mercy of my Claire =^ v ^= I love drawing male prey, so a thank-you to Marc for that, and for including my Claire in his request! I'm glad you like her enough to include in your requests from time to time <3

What do you think though? How do you feel about male meals? >;Dc And do you enjoy the idea of your prey being impaled, or do you prefer an oven-roast? Even with a skewer, I like to imagine it passes through as clean as can be. The insides simply part for the rod, without blood. It's highly idealized of course, but I like it when the prey can also enjoy their fate~ ^ x ^;

Marc ©  Marc Dioceco
Art © Maximignon
On the weekend of the 16th April, I plan to host two different sessions :D One will be a Patreon show, and the other will be a freebie raffle o3o That means anyone watching at the time, stands a chance to win a free drawing.

Both streams will have an Easter Holiday theme, so there's sure to be lots of eggs and bunnies abound~ ( •͈ᴗ•͈)

I'll only be able to say exactly when each stream is happening closer to the time, however I definitely want to do two streams around then. Right now, it looks like one show will be on the Sunday evening, then the next one's that Monday evening. I'll confirm this again before the weekend though.

That's it for now! I've also loaded new drawings today, so I do hope you enjoy those :heart: Stay safe and savoury out there ٩(º౪º๑)۶
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