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All points donated will be used as the Prize Money for my next art contest! :happybounce:
Any donations will be very much appreciated, and you'll get a free Llama as a bonus c:
Once the goal is reached, the next contest will be held ^o^b

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Maximignon's Profile Picture
Simon Turner
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
South Africa
No Requests by SweetDuke Trades - Closed by SweetDuke Point Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke Kiribans - Open by SweetDuke

NOTE: I am not as active on my DA page anymore ;w; All of my future work will be uploaded to the websites listed below.

To sum myself up briefly, vore is my primary kink, and is basically an extension of a naturally submissive side of me :heart:
I don't prefer digestion, scat or gore, but depending on how it's depicted, I can enjoy it too :) Usually I'd prefer it implied rather than vividly depicted.

As for the various types of vore, I've found I can really enjoy pretty much all of them :P So expect to see most major genres in my galleries as time goes on!

You can check me out on the following sites too: - My Eka's… - My FA… - My Pixiv - My Patreon - My Picarto Channel
(You can reach me the quickest over on my Eka's Portal account, since I don't patrol FA or Pixiv as regularly :dummy:)

Locations of Site Visitors
(Blarg, there used to be a map embedded here, showing where in the world this page was accessed from, but a DA update seems to have disabled HTML in some ways ;w; It was added on 11th January 2012, with 75305 views at the time. The site was for

(The following things were removed with one of DA's older updates, but I though I'd keep them anyway)
Favourite genre of music: Anything that sounds good, really!
Favourite style of art: Anime/manga oriented
Operating System: Windows 7
Favourite cartoon character: Astaroth (from Shinrabansho)
Personal Quote: Stop the Violence! Increase the Peace!


Voracious Valentine's!
What's better than a massive box of chocolates for Valentines? A box with eight squirming little prey covered in chocolate, all just for you! <3

This project was a collaborative effort with a lot of my Patrons. During the last livestream, we held a raffle for who'd get to pick the pred in this pic. Every other Patron watching at the time got to choose which prey they wanted to see featured! :D

Pictured here is a VERY happy naga, with her chocolatey present balanced atop her coiled body. Her tail section is more slug-like than serpentine, helping show off her pathetic meals as they sink deeper and deeper inside of her furthest, slimiest recesses~

Uri won the opportunity to pick the pred! She's based off an older picture from the lovely Nitro_Titan (if you know the pic I mean, do let me know of a link! I couldn't find it again on my own TwT)

The girls in the chocolate box are, from left to right:
 - Lavender bunny-girl, for SeraphimKitsune.
 - Blonde girl, for TotallyRandom (Not based on a specific character)
 - Frog-girl, for Chaotiquos

As for the squishy ones, from her tail's end and back:
 - Sydney, for Elle.
 - Me, for Solman (Yes, ME, as in my own poor little body digesting away... =//v//= )
 - Mei, from Overwatch, for Hamilton.
 - Mal, for Malyna (featuring an uncharacteristic ahegao expression >;3)

The naga's tail is meant to me twisted in a spiral, so there's still plenty of room for the last three sweet-treats, in the unseen section ^.^ Her pudgy humanoid gut's purely for digesting all that chocolate o3o; I mean, it's a hefty amount. It's breaking down all that chocolate is gonna take almost as all that wriggling meat~!

Admittedly, her tail feels a bit awkward to me, since I tried accommodating so many delicious little characters e//w//e Still, I know why it does, so it's always something I can work to better on, going forward <3 For the next pic, I'm aiming for a more creative viewing angle too. For now however, I'm very pleased with the way this turned out, and I hope you enjoy it also :dalove: A big thanks to everyone that helped make it a reality!

There is a clean line-art, as well as a shaded line-art version of this available for free on my Patreon, and Pixiv pages c;

Happy belated Valentine's Day to all! Hope you had a good one <3
Lemme know whatcha think in the comments! Stay safe and easily digestible out there~

Characters © Their respective owners.
Art © Me :typerhappy:
Tight Trunk
This drawing was a first for me o3o I've never drawn elephant-trunk vore before. While it's not what I'd usually draw, I enjoyed it!

A kangaroo-girl with massive tits is being swallowed whole by a plump elephant-babe e//0//e I think this pic also speaks for itself~ <3
The meaty pachyderm's trunk has all sorts of uses, after all. Eating food with your mouth is boring when you have a wormy trunk you could strain your meals through first >;D

This drawing was won by Kaede, aka Endemic! c:

Characters © Kaede
Art © Me!

Are you a fan of elephant preds? ^,^b Let me know in the comments below!
Friendly Grumbling
What kind of fun can you have with a Naga as your friend? You can play video games, enjoy some dank memes, have dinner together... oh yeah, and make that friend have YOU for dinner! ~*//v//*~

This drawing was won by TotallyRandom, featuring his two OCs, affectionately and unofficially known as Birb and Snek! X'D

The harpy birb has roped up her lamia snek friend, and forced her way inside her humanoid stomach. Luckily for the harpy, her snekky pal uses this tummy purely to store prey. All the squishy digestive action happens in her serpentine end~

The little birb is quite selfishly enjoying herself in the slimy recesses of her comrade's gut. The snek-girl won't ever admit she's enjoying the hell out of it too, choosing to remain stoic and professional that way. This is why she's also the only one worried about the job they're busy neglecting :heart: Oh well, still plenty of time for that later~...

An alternate version without the cutaway, featuring just the naga's lumpy belly, can be found for free here:…

Characters © TotallyRandom
Art © Me!
A drawing request won by SeraphimKitsune! ;D/

In this scene, a remarkably skilled, and devious Lopunny has cooked up a spicy Vulpix, and a savoury Espeon, all for your dining delight :heart:

What do you imagine Pokémon meat would taste like, when cooked to perfection? /)>3<(\
I like to think it would have the same appeal as perfectly prepared beef, only a lot more velvety in texture. Smooth, decadently luxurious to chew, and feels like it just wants to melt in your mouth~

Hope you like it, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on it! What kind of Pokémon would suit your palette best~?
Squirt to the Hilt
It's true, you know. Play with your tits often enough, and they can grow a little.
Same goes for lactation. Given repeated effort, you can induce it, even without hormones and other drugs <3

For SuperSpartan's OC, this growth is especially apparent O: Somehow in just one session of massaging her breasts, they happily react to the rest of her body's bliss~

This drawing feels more tame than I usually do, but I like it a lot :Db Drawing something a bit more vanilla every once in a while is a real treat! And well, I mean, who doesn't like to play with their own boobs? e//U//e;;;

Character © SuperSpartan
Art © Me!
EDIT: Thanks for watching, and hope you enjoyed the show \^o^/

Today's stream is theme-less, so there's no telling what manner of voracity will be on display! *3*
  • Listening to: The Podquisition
  • Reading: Art Tutorials
  • Watching: Filthy Frank
  • Playing: Slime Rancher
  • Eating: Weet-Bix
  • Drinking: Milk


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